Our history

Confident Couture has been in operations for 10 years.  We continue to leave a legacy for generations to come.  We started on a collegiate level and now are expanding to professional level, hence OUR AGENCI!!!!  Thank you for considering to be part of our fashion brand and family.

Confident Couture Modeling Agenci is coming to Nashville, TN!!!!  We seek BOSSES to be in our agenci.  We are an inclusive agenci.  We pride on integrity and innovation.  Confident Couture is a coed agenci that caters to runway theatrics and entertainment.  Our agenci prides on buliding self confidence and incorporating a family environment.  If you are SERIOUS about embarking the fashion industry, this is the agenci for you.  Our agenci works hard to equip our models with the tools they need to thrive in the fashion industry.  

Our priority is CONFIDENCE building and innovative art through modeling.  We equip you with all the skills need to take the modeling industry by force or be a force to be reckoned with!